How London Facilities Management Companies Can Implement Universal Design

17 November 2017

Universal design is the idea of creating a workspace that is inclusive of everybody's needs. You may be interested in it for several reasons.

Perhaps you're moving to a new building, and want to get it up to code before everyone moves in.

Maybe you're trying to make your workplace more inclusive, so you can open up your business to employees who couldn't have worked there before.

Whatever the reason, London facilities management companies can help you do it. Here's why universal design is perfect for any business.

It gives a great first impression

If a workplace has been designed with everybody in mind, then when clients or visitors come, they'll see that.

Nothing is more welcoming than a workspace that has been created with your needs in mind.

Even if they only get as far as the lobby, they'll remember what they saw and leave with a fantastic impression of you and your company.

Everyone can use the space

If a space is designed for the use of everyone, then no matter what a person's needs are, they can get around easily.

For some people, just navigating an office can be a minefield. If you've put thought into the layout of your building, it makes their lives a whole lot easier.

It also means that your building is now more flexible and you can conduct other tasks more easily too. For example, moving heavy office equipment is much easier with ramps.

It improves the safety of your workspace

This is a great additional bonus of universal design. Having created your workspace with those with differing needs in mind, you're also reducing the risk of injury.

Having installed features such as handrails, lower level storage and intelligent lighting, staff are much less likely to become injured while at work.

It's also a bonus for staff who have been injured off site. For example, someone who needs to temporarily use crutches will find it much easier to get around the workplace.

It welcomes everybody into your office

As well as the practical considerations, universal design makes everybody feel welcome in your office.

You can open up your hiring process to those with differing needs, as they'd be able to engage with your space easily. It's amazing what it can do for morale in your workplace.

How London facilities management companies help

If you're considering using universal design in your workplace, it's well worth hiring a facilities management company to help you out.

Their experience is in making workplaces ideal places to work, and they'll have the knowledge to help you include everything.

They're also great for checking out what legal requirements you'll need to meet, too.

You can hire them just for the building process, or you can keep them on afterwards to oversee the running of the building.

Facilities Management Services are one of the best London facilities management companies around. Hire us and you'll see what a difference we can make to your workplace, without all the hassle.

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