How Facilities Management Companies in London Can Help You Reduce Waste

27 February 2017

It's no secret that every business puts out an enormous amount of waste.

If you're looking to improve your energy usage around the site, a good place to start is with recycling and reuse of materials.

Not sure where to start? Facilities Management Companies in London can help. Here's how.

Think before you buy

The first thing a facilities management company will do is rethink how all of your supplies are ordered in.

Do you use everything that comes in, or does some of it go unused or worse, get thrown away?

They will investigate, and then make changes to your ordering patterns. You'll be bringing in less items, which means you'll be throwing out less.

Reshuffling communications

Printing out communications to staff uses thousands of paper sheets per year. That's a lot of trees that are being cut down.

Even if you recycle them afterwards, it's better to not use them in the first place.

FM companies would usually change your communications to emails, and discourage handouts from being given out during meetings.

Ditch the disposables

There are a lot of times when disposable items seem like the best idea. For example, buying in disposable plates and cups for birthdays means that you don't have to wash them up afterwards.

However, it does mean that you're creating more waste. Instead, a facilities manager will bring in reusable items, to reduce the waste you create.

Encourage e-notes

Do your staff like using paper to take notes during meetings? Encourage them to switch it up by making e-notes instead.

FM companies can recommend other methods, such as iPads or other tablets, and a good note taking program.

Programs such as Evernote even let you bookmark webpages and make links, meaning your staff can get a lot more from their notes.

Cut back on packing waste

When your company is sending items out, your facilities manager can look into how they're packaged.

You may find that you can package items a lot more tightly, saving space and packaging.

That means much less waste when it reaches the recipient. As for packaging you receive, you can find ways to recycle it or even donate to farming communities to use for compost.

Want to reduce your waste at work? A facilities management company can help you get started. Here at FMS we have you covered. We can come in, see how you're working now, and implement changes that really improve your workspace. Get in touch and we'll find a way to help you be more productive, every day.


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