How London Facilities Management Companies Can Improve The Sustainability Of Your Office

29 March 2017

What business doesn't want to be sustainable in this day and age? It saves you money, improves employee happiness, and of course shines a positive light on your company as a whole.

If you're stuck as to how you can improve your business' carbon footprint, hiring a London facilities management company could be the answer.

Here's some of the things that they can do for you.

Improve the light with 'daylighting'

Everyone can agree that strip lighting can be the worst kind of lighting. Combined with the glow from computer screens, it can induce headaches and generally leave workers feeling worse than they felt when they stepped into the office.

That's why 'daylighting' has become so popular.

It involves letting more daylight into the office, by installing more windows or skylights. This reduces your reliance on electric lights, and will help improve your employee's workspace at the same time.

Put together a waste reduction plan

Businesses are responsible for a huge percentage of the country's waste output every year. Knowing this, you may want to reduce your impact on the environment. If this is the case, ask one of London’s facilities management companies to put together a waste reduction plan for you.

If they're looking into improving your waste output, they'll find lots of ways to reduce how much your company uses every day.

You'll be surprised at how much you can cut back on; simply eliminating printing of documents can make a huge impact.

Refit your water systems

London facilities management companies know that even small changes can improve your bills and environmental impact all at once.

For example, think about the amount of water used in your building every day. The toilets flushing alone can use more water than you'd think possible.

A facilities manager can arrange to have low flush toilets fitted, which will drastically reduce the amount of water you use every day.

Encourage recycling in your building

There's a staggering amount of waste thrown out every day that could be recycled, and companies are some of the worst culprits. Reduce how much you're consigning to landfill by making it easier to recycle.

Your facilities manager can have recycling bins installed at convenient places throughout your building, as well as have them emptied and sent off to the right facility regularly.

This doesn't just mean plastic and paper, either. Food waste can also easily be recycled and made into compost, if it's collected properly.

Bring in green cleaning products

Your cleaning crew are probably putting all kinds of chemicals into the water system as they clean your office. A facilities manager can arrange to change the products they use to green ones, that won't harm the environment. This will make a big difference to how your business affects the environment.

Facilities Management Services can create a full environmental improvement plan for your business. Get in touch with us, and we'll create and implement a plan that's designed just for you.

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