Foster a Good Working Environment for all Employees

21 June 2017

As a society, we are now living longer and working for much longer than we used to. That means that your workforce may well have a wider age range than it had even ten years ago. There's a lot to be said about nurturing millennial workers, but how do you create a good working environment for all workers?

This is where a facilities management company steps in. If you need some help keeping your workforce content in their roles, you can hire a company to come assess the situation, and help implement changes.

Here's what they can do to get the best out of all employees.

Adapt their workload to suit their needs

The content of what you do at work is important to everyone, but especially to the experienced generation. They need to know that what they're doing is meaningful.

A facilities manager can look at how roles and responsibilities are spread out. They'll ensure that all workers are put in charge of jobs that they have levels of experience in. That means that they can get on with their work with minimal supervision, something that most workers would rather have.

Also, they'll ensure all workers have the chance to collaborate, whether that's with clients or other employees, as interaction is highly valued.

Create a workplace culture that is inclusive to all employees

A facilities management company can ensure that everyone is valued in the workplace. They understand that not all employees want opportunities to progress and learn.

That means that a manager can put training courses and other tools in place to help achieve this. Also, they ensure that all employees' voices are heard when opinions are being courted by management.

Adjusting the workplace

Workers in the older age group of employees are more likely to have commitments outside of the workplace, meaning that you could be asked to be flexible in order to accommodate them. A facilities manager will look into implementing more flexible working arrangements, and ICT solutions that offer flexible working arrangements, for example working from home, when needed.

You'll still get the work and expertise from your employees, but they aren’t made to choose between work and family, or the other commitments they have.

Physical adjustments to the workplace can also be put into place, to help employees use equipment well. What needs to be done will vary from workplace to workplace, and a facilities management company can help advise on this.

It sounds like a lot needs to be done, but in fact this can all be adjusted in your workplace quite easily. Here at FMS we'll help you get the most out of every single employee, creating a workplace that values them and what they do every day. Give us a call, and we'll see what we can do for you.

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