How You Can Help Your Staff Telecommute

21 June 2017

Telecommuting is becoming more and more popular with London workers. It's easy to see why, when commutes are becoming longer, and subject to problems every day.

If you're not already offering telecommuting to your employees, it's something that you're sure to be asked about soon.

Here's how a facility management London company can implement the scheme in your office.

Assess the benefits to your staff

If you call in a facility management company, the first thing they will do is assess whether telecommuting is right for your staff. They'll take the time to talk to them about their commutes, and the issues they face getting into work every day.

They'll also look into the responsibilities they may have at home. If there's a long commute to get into your building, and they find that many staff who could benefit from telecommuting, they may recommend it to you as an option.

Assess the benefits for your business

As well as your employees, you could also see a lot of benefits from having your staff telecommute. For example, you can save a lot of money per employee when they're working away.

This includes savings in utilities and equipment, as they'll be using their own devices. Staff can also be more productive when they're allowed to work from home. A facilities manager will crunch the numbers, and show you how you could benefit as an employer.

Set up a telecommuting policy

There's still plenty of companies out there who don't have a telecommuting policy, or don't have one that's properly implemented. If you've hired a facilities manager, though, they'll be able to put together a policy that works for you and your staff.

They'll look into the important issues, such as whether telecommuting should be available to all your staff, or whether some staff need to be in the office.

They'll also set out the amount of hours your staff can telecommute each day, and what's expected of them when they're working away from the building.

Work with your IT team

If you decide to set up a telecommuting policy, you'll need to make sure that your IT department is up to the task. Facilities management London based will work with your team to make sure you're up and ready to get started.

Depending on your industry, you may need to set up video conferencing, file sharing, or other tools that make working from home seamless for your employees.

Monitor your staff

Once you have staff who are telecommuting, a facilities manager will oversee the process and ensure that it's working. They'll make sure that staff are sending in work every day, and that there are no problems with communication between them and the office.

They'll also tweak the policy as and when needed, so it works properly for everybody.

Here at FMS, we pride ourselves on giving the best facilities management London can offer. If you need help with telecommuting, get in touch and we can help you set up a workable policy.

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