How Facilities Management Companies Cater For Different Generations

08 August 2017

Thanks to longer life spans and higher retirement ages, we are now seeing workplaces that hold two or even three different generations of employees.

As is to be expected, the differences in age, outlook, and circumstance can cause friction in your office.

If you want help creating a workplace that can cater for everyone, then facilities management companies can help.

Here's what they can do to create a welcoming workplace for everyone.

Offer more flexibility

Younger workers in particular want a workplace that doesn't tie them down to one building, day after day. If suitable to your business, a facilities manager may recommend that you offer flexible working hours and remote working.

If handled properly, this means that you'll get the same work from your employees, but they no longer have to be in the office. You can, of course, put restrictions on this, and require them to be in the office for a certain amount of hours per week.

It's worth noting, though, that workers who are offered such perks tend to be more productive.

Create more face to face opportunities

The older generations generally prefer face to face communications over online ones, so can feel pushed out when companies start focusing on online meetings.

As this is the case, make sure physical meetings are well supported. A facilities manager, may, for example, implement more meeting rooms that are well equipped.

Focus on employee health

Every employee will have health concerns, and facilities management companies in London are well aware of this. That means that they'll look into implementing health care schemes for your employees.

For example, they may want to give employees eye tests every two years if they use computers, or bring in new chairs if they spend a lot of time at their desks. They may even bring in standing desks, if appropriate.

Cater for different needs

Each generation in your workplace will have differing needs and it will be up to you to cater to them as much as is reasonable. For example, some of your workforce will have differing dietary needs.

Just having a canteen that offers vegetarian, vegan, and 'free from' foods can make all the difference in employee happiness.

As well as this, a facilities manager will look into creating a building that caters to physical needs. Well running lifts, hand rails, and ramps can all be very useful to certain employees.

Help with moderating disagreements

Finally, your facilities manager will help with getting your employees to see eye to eye. There will be times when they can't reach an agreement, and you will need a third party to moderate the disagreement. If you have this third party, it will help nip ill feelings in the bud and create a more harmonious workplace.

Facilities management companies London can be the best way to create a workplace that's welcoming to everybody, no matter their age or background.  

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