Case Study


Location : La Defense, Paris

Managing projects in the UK is often a challenge, but managing the same services overseas can potentially throw up a whole new set of hurdles. These include language barriers, understanding of regulations and dealing with local working practices. As a result of continued business growth, one of our clients asked us to assist with the fit out and relocation of their Paris office.

Establishing communication channels

With a clear understanding of the clients’ requirements we collaborated closely with the Landlord and local contractors to establish a mechanism to ensure these requirements could be communicated to the right people to eliminate the potential for errors and subsequent delays in programme timings, or increased costs. Our project manager, along with a French speaking assistant, coordinated with the client team and the local construction team to make sure that the agreed specifications were met.

An added challenge

In addition to the fact that the project was being undertaken in Europe, the design and construction specifications were being driven by the client’s real estate team in the USA. This presented two interesting challenges; managing the time delay on decision making and establishing common standards for products being specified and purchased on two different continents. Our project managers worked very closely with the clients’ team to make sure these potential obstacles did not affect the project in any way.

Same service, different country

Although the project was in Paris, FMS applied the same principals to the completion and handover as if it had been on our doorstep. Every aspect was catered for, from flowers on the reception desk to the cutlery trays in the canteen. The resulting office and successful relocation of the clients’ staff was undertaken with all the levels of care and attention to detail that our clients have come to expect.

FMS will provide a complete project service looking after all aspects from design to construction and ensuring that client objectives are met and exceeded.

If you are looking for a company with a proven track record in managing and delivering office refurbishments, then FMS can provide you with a complete solution.

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